THe Forgotten Heroines Reconnect Annual Conference

May we know them
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Sisters Annual Conference

Sunday, 13 December, 2015

Doors open at 10am

Many people will spend years or even an entire lifetime not living the life they really want – one that is filled with success, happiness, and fulfillment. They will settle for mediocrity and live a ‘normal’ life.

Have you heard the story of “Mrs. Normal”?

Mrs. Normal grew up in a ‘normal’ family, received a ‘normal’ education, married a ‘normal’ man, raised ‘normal’ children, and then, died.

The story of “Mrs. Normal” is probably the story of 95% of people and some may ask, but what is the problem with being ‘normal’? Normal is fine alhamdullilah and growing up with a family, receiving an education, being married and blessed with children are all in deed good things in theory. But is solely achieving these series of steps considered amazing or outstanding? Is it living our life with true ihsan (excellence) as Allah (Swt) asked of us? Is it fulfilling the role Allah (Swt) assigned as in the Quran as caretakers (khulufa’a) of this earth whose responsibility is to make a positive difference in our families, communities, and the world as a whole?

Many will live a life that is not aligned with their true nature (fitra) that Allah (Swt) created them with – a nature that longs to be in harmony with its Creator and the creation. A nature that enables them to be healthy, happy, successful and allows them to them to leave a legacy and truly make a difference, while in sha Allah awaiting an amazing hereafter. Many will face fears, failures and depression – feeling lost or lonely – not knowing what or how to accomplish what they really want in their lives.

Having said that, please take a few moments to consider what you really want. Consider your life and how you really want to live it, in light of what Allah (Swt) asked of us? What I stand for is living a life of happiness, success and fulfilment in sha Allah. Yes there will be trials and tribulations, but if we approach them with the right mindset, which includes our trust in Allah, the right skill set, and the right support system, then we can continue on the path of happiness, success and fulfilment in sha Allah.

This is possible for you – happy and successful life both in this life.

“Anyone who works righteousness, male or female, while believing, we will surely grant them a happy life in this world, and we will surely pay them their full recompense (on the Day of Judgement) for their righteous works.” [16:97]
Allah swt (promises us in the Quran)

That destination is within your reach … as long as you understand how to achieve ihsan (excellence) and succeed in all aspects of your life including your faith, relationships, health, personal development, career/business and contribution. And the mindset and skills that are needed to achieve this success in all aspects in your life in sha Allah. This information is absolutely critical to your success InshaAllah. Your ability to understand how to achieve success in all of the different roles you have in life whether they be student, teacher, daughter, wife, mother, employee or business owner, volunteer or community activist and achieve balance in all of these areas is instrumental to your happiness and success.

Your initiative to learn how to navigate through all of these phases successfully WILL change your life and get you the destination you crave in sha Allah. This is a matter of planning for your success, happiness and fulfilment both in this life and in the next InshaAllah. Nothing else could be important as understanding how to succeed in your faith, relationships, health, career/business, personal development and ultimately contribute to this world positively and fulfil the role Allah (SwT) asked of you as caretaker of this earth. Imagine the security and confidence you’ll feel as you build the foundation of success principles and strategies for your life in sha Allah and realise the happy, successful and fulfilling life you have always wanted.

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“The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim” [Al-Thirmidhi, Hadith 74]

Guest Speakers

Naima B Robert

Farhia Yahya

Umm Talha

Rahma Abdulatif



East London, UK

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“The seeking of knowledge is obligatory for every Muslim” [Al-Thirmidhi, Hadith 74]


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